Project Description


Dobby, 15 weeks old, Huntaway mix, med/large size.



Dobby is fostered in Orari (Temuka) on a lifestyle block with other dogs, cats and ponies. He is a loving, laid back, happy, friendly and social pup with medium energy levels. Enjoys playing with the other dogs. He dislikes water and mud, loves being inside by the fire. Is housetrained and sleeps inside.

Dobby is a treasure and we’d love to see him with a loving family home that is able to give him plenty of companionship and make him an important part of daily family activities. He will grow to be a decent size and when he does bark – either during play or if wanting food, it’s a good one, but he is very trainable and he can learn quiet (for when asking for food, we don’t want to muffle his playful bark)…. best suited to semi rural.

History, 8 June. Dobby came to us via a Vet, he was seriously ill. From the Vet team: “This sweet 11 week old puppy presented to us with a condition called an intussusception – a small section of his intestine had folded in on itself like a telescope. He underwent emergency surgery last night to correct this and is still in a critical state. He has started to eat a small amount today but we are still nursing him very closely in the hope that he will make a full recovery.” And he did!

Donation $350 – to go towards part of the cost of vaccinations, registration/chip, neuter (when a bit older).

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