Pound Paws Rescue is a dog rescue based around North Otago/South Canterbury.  We are a registered Charity – number CC60695, run by a team of volunteers. We are totally self-funded and rely on our own fundraising efforts and donations from the public.

Dogs come into our care come from pounds, farms, community, vets. Some of our dogs are needing extra care such as x-rays, surgeries, dental work, physio, behaviourial, special diets.  Our dogs are all are temperament tested, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, registered, flea/worm treated. We ask for a donation towards these costs which is listed on each dogs profile.

Looking to Adopt?   

Please keep a look out for our dogs listed on our website, facebook page and trademe.

We get loads of enquiries for our dogs which is great!  We are seeking extra special homes (it’s never first in first served) and have an adoption process to help us with the matching process.  When you make your initial contact (via email or facebook) please give us plenty of information about your home/environment, previous dog experience, height of fences/gates, how long a dog would be on his/her own without human company each day, if you rent or own, where you are located and why you think the dog you are interested in would be a good match.  Feel free to ask any questions.
If we think you may be a potential match, we will send you an application form to get all the further details we need.  We carry out a property visit and vet history check.

Do we adopt out of town? 
We do, but you will need to be happy to travel to meet us and the dog (upon successful completion of adoption process).  We have contacts we can call upon to help with a property visit.  We don’t send the dogs on transporters.  We adopt to South Island only (unless it was special circumstances, North Island may be considered).

Foster homes save lives! 
You may shed a few tears when the time comes to say goodbye, but it is such a rewarding experience, and there is always another awaiting your help.
All of our dogs are housed in foster homes (we do not have a kennel/adoption facility). We are always on the lookout for good dog experienced, sensible and reliable foster homes that have the time and patience to settle in a new dog.  Someone home during part of the day is ideal.  A safe/secure containment area is a must.  We supply food, blankets, crate, vet care, and support. If you are in the North Otago or South Canterbury Region and are interested in fostering, please message/email us for an application form.


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