Our dogs for adoption are listed below. Click on their photo to read about their needs and the type of home they are looking for, please read this information carefully. We try to keep our adoption page up to date as possible. Our dogs are also listed on our facebook page (in the album pinned at the top of the page) and on trademe.

We have an adoption process and arrange meetings once this has been successfully completed. This is to save time and disappointments.  We do home out of the district and can arrange property visits. South Island adoptions only.  We do not send the dogs away on transporters.

Stock fenced properties require a fully secure/safe containment area for when no one is at home. Residential properties require 5-6ft fencing/gates.

Adoption Cost – This is listed on each dog’s profile, this goes towards covering a small portion of their costs – spay/neuter, vaccinations, chipping.  We are not for profit and are constantly fundraising.If you are interested in one of our dogs, please email us about your home/environment, previous dog experience, height of fences/gates, your location and why you think a dog would thrive in your care.

Some of our dogs receive multiple enquiries and we want to ensure we make the best possible match. We may miss getting back to some of you or be late in updating you. Please message us and ask for an update. We are a small team of volunteers with an ever increasing workload and are doing our best.